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Looking for a Pet Sitter?

Bill Keck, Pet Sitter
I seek to enrich the lives of the pets in my care.

APETS I provide quality, reliable, personalized, at-your-home pet care, exercising and training services to pet parents on Staten Island's North Shore.

I come to your home, so you are able to leave your pet in familiar surroundings.

I try to follow your pet's care routine as closely as possible, including feeding, watering, exercising and giving routine medications. I also spend quality time with your pets — playing, petting, and loving — so your pet receives personal attention while you are away.

I am also happy to keep an eye on your home at the same time by bringing in the mail and newspapers, alternating lights, opening and closing blinds, watering plants — activities that make your home look lived-in while you are away.

Services Provided

Pet Sitting — Personalized at-your-home pet care for all kinds of pets including Daily Pet Sits or Overnight Pet Sitting

Dog Walking — Especially mid-day walks.

Training — Positive Reinforcement Training.

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Advantages to Your Pet

Reduced Stress — Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment where all sights, smells and sounds say "Home!"

Diet and Exercise — I maintain customary diet and exercise routines with no interruption to upset your pet.

No Travel ''Trauma" — No travel in a vehicle to a relative's home, a boarding facility or a kennel to upset your pet.

Health Concerns — Your pet stays home with minimal exposure to illnesses of other animals.

TLC — Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.

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Advantages to You

Travel — You do not need to be inconvenienced or upset by transporting your pet.

No Impositions — You don't have to impose on a friend, relative, or neighbor to care for your pet. Instead, you can rely on a pet care professional who will put your pet's needs first.

Security — Your home is made more secure by the crime-deterrent services provided by a pet sitter.

Peace of Mind — While you are away, you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, caring hands.

Special Services — We can provide additional home services while caring for your pet such as watering your plants and bringing in the mail.

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My Service Area

ZIP Codes in my service area:

10301 — St. George.

10310 — West New Brighton.

10302 — Port Richmond.

10303 — Mariner's Harbor.

10304 — Stapleton.

10305 — Rosebank.

10306 — New Dorp.

10311 — Teleport.

10314 — New Springfield (north of Richmond Creek).

ZIP Codes where travel charges apply:

10314 — New Springfield (south of Richmond Creek).

10308 — Great Kills.

10312 — Eltingville.

ZIP Codes out of my service area:

10309 — Prince's Bay.

10307 — Tottenville.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I board my pet with you? — No. I am not a boarding service. I am a pet sitter who comes to your home and cares for your pets in your home.

How long is a "Daily Pet Sit?" — A Daily Pet Sit is at least one half hour. It includes walking, feeding and watering a dog; or petting, feeding, watering, and cleaning kitty litter for a cat. Longer pet sits can be arranged for an additional fee.

What is an "Overnight Pet Sit?" — An Overnight Pet Sit includes three Daily Pet Sits and I sleep over one night with your pets in your home.

How long have you been in business? — I have been a pet sitter since April 1, 2002.

What experience do you have as a pet trainer? — I am a certified dog trainer with the Animal Behavior College (ABC) of Los Angeles. I was certified as a Pet Training Instructor with PetSmart and worked there as a pet trainer for five years.

What is "Positive Reinforcement Training?" — Positive Reinforcement Training uses treats, petting, praise and clickers to reward the pet for desired behavior. It is the most modern approach to training and works on all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, porpoises, whales, and even humans.

What is "Clicker Training?" — Clicker Training is a specialized version of Positive Reinforcement Training where a clicker is used to signal the pet that it has performed a desired behavior.

About Bill Keck

Bill Keck I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where my best friends were dogs for many years. My mom called me the "Pied Piper of Dogs" because everywhere I went my large collie dog, Laddie, my mixed-breed dog, Sparky, and a pack of neighborhood dogs would follow.

I worked in the property and casualty insurance industry for many years before starting Alexandrian Petsitting, Exercising and Training Services (APETS) on April 1, 2002.

I currently live near Wagner College with my five cats: Heidi, Biggie Cat, Trailer, Rooney, and Phantom.

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